Perfect Home supporting Bradleys fight

I think most people in my local area will know of Bradley Lowery`s fight but for those who don’t Bradley is a 2 1/2 year old from the North East who has been fighting neuroblastoma through surgery and chemotherapy.

Unfortunately there is an 80% chance of relapse with high risk neuroblastoma and as the UK does not have relapse treatment, his treatment would have to take place in America which would cost the family £500,000.

Bradley’s fight has inspired the whole area and the local communities have rallied round organising fund raising events and encouraging donations to so far raise around £120,000.

Lynn and her family who are friends of Bradley’s family has organised a fund raising talent show at the Easington Social Welfare Club on March 1st which includes 11 acts from around the country as well as a disco and raffles.

Richard Neal Photography

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