Some light work

Ok, titles a bit cheesy but still…

Anyway, I though I would try out some “light” photos

This one was 2 different images photoshopped together, had really good fun making it and its given me several ideas for some more fun photos in the future

This second one has actually had very little photoshopping done to it and about 95% of it is the original picture. I have brightened some areas, darkened others and added a few spots of light in but thats it.  Im not sure this is what my wife had in mind when I suggested a very very late night walk in the local woods but we had a good laugh making this photo. It was my first time trying anything like this and compared to a lot of light trails out there its not fantastic but all the same it was good fun and I learned a lot from it so hopefully all future ones will be a tad better 😉

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